Summer Hiking List

We like to promote a healthy lifestyle here at Vitala, so when it’s nice out we recommend getting outdoors! Lucy has a summer goal to complete as many hikes as she can, so we asked her to share some she is most looking forward to crossing off her list:

High Falls Creek:

Keyhole Hot Springs:

Brandywine Meadows:

Elfin Lakes:

“I would also really like to explore the Chilcotin area this summer. Some of these sound really nice” (click link below)


It’s always important to be prepared before going on a hike, so here are some of her hiking tips:

  • I have been caught out by unpredictable conditions even during the summer months while hiking in BC. Last time it was a sudden hailstorm atop Mt Seymour. I always pack a head torch and wet weather gear, even if there’s no rain in the forecast.
  • Apply sunscreen in the car before you reach the parking lot. Then reapply again at your first break stop. I always underestimate how damaging a whole day outside can be!
  • Over pack snacks and water. Inevitably someone will forget theirs or in the case you are out for longer than expected. You gotta keep those blood sugar levels up.
  • Invest in hiking boots that are comfortable the moment you put them on. If you are trying to endure extended ‘breaking in’ periods, it could simply be a sign your boots don’t fit.
  • Wear wool socks! Even in summer, they’re comfortable, will wick the sweat away from your skin and much are less likely to cause blisters than cotton sport socks.


In case you’re wondering, the photo above is Lucy’s taken part way up the Chief.

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