When you work around here, it’s not hard to come up with things you are thankful for.

On Friday, our team held its annual Thanksgiving Potluck which has become somewhat of a tradition. The staff kitchen is abuzz the morning of as those who volunteered roast vegetables, gravy or the turkey itself, hastily prepare their contributions.

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While this time of year tends to be crazy busy, we still seem to find the time for this get together, cramming into the kitchen – perching on window ledges and counters if need be – to enjoy a delicious turkey dinner off paper plates and with plastic cutlery.

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So when we’re asked what we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving, it’s hard to go past this awesome team we work alongside every day!

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potluck (6 of 6)(Melinda wins for post-potluck food baby… even though she kinda cheated)