Vicki’s New Year’s Resolutions

Hay! Er… Hey everyone, Vicki here!

It’s that time of year again, time to set some resolutions. I’ve been thinking about this past year here at the Dairy, and boy have we made some pretty moo-rvelous changes! Our partnership with Science World swung into action, we’ve thrown some great parties for the community (Moo or Boo being my personal favourite), we’ve added new members to our team, and so much more! Now it’s time to get my hooves trimmed, coat brushed and put my diva face on, aahh do I ever love the smell of a new year bubbling! Or maybe that’s something else I smell… Anyway, here’s a list of my New Year’s resolutions… 2015 here we come!

  1. Try to let the other cows take turns at the brushing station.
  2. Do my very best to contribute to EcoDairy’s electricity bill by producing an even larger cow pie than Dutchess.
  3. Refrain from pushing the other girls out of the Robotic milker before they’ve finished their treat… (I don’t know why the farmer keeps telling me to stop hogging the treats, they’re delicious, and don’t I deserve it? Maybe I’ll skip this one.)
  4. Quit bathing in the feed while the farmer drops it down the feeding line from his tractor. (I need to maintain my show-stopping appearance for when our guests tour through.)

Well, that’s about it. I wouldn’t want to set the bar too high, I mean I’m already pretty fabulous but it’s always a good idea to build character and be the best that we can be, am I right? Moo!