water rats

Nothing says summer fun like a day at the beach and nothing gives me more peace of mind for a day at the beach than the fact that I know my chicklets are all very competent swimmers. We refer to them as ‘water rats’.
Thank you swim club!
When the kids were younger and a little more uncertain and unaware of water and it’s dangers I was unable to relax at the beach, constantly counting  I was constantly counting 1,2,3,4,5 little people scattered about the beach, ensuring life-jackets were buckled, watching their every move. .
Sure I still watch them but it’s to observe their fun, rate their tricks off the diving board and count how long they can hold their breath underwater.
As they’ve grown older and become proficient swimmers I find I can kick back and relax a little more knowing they’re probably better swimmers than I am.
I sure am glad my chicklets are water rats!
Time to make a splash and dive right in to summer fun.