What Dad Wants for Father’s Day

What Dad wants for Father Day.

Everyone is telling you what Dad wants this Father’s Day.  TV commercials, radio ads, social media, magazines, newspaper flyers…like they even know your Dad or my Dad or the Dad of my kids…seriously.

But I like to keep an open mind so I rifled through some of their suggestions for Father’s Day must haves:

  • Gucci loafers…ha…many of the dads I know don’t even know who Gucci is.
  • Diamond cuff links for $2000.00…uummm… who needs cuff links when shirts come with free buttons
  • A new car…let’s be realistic

Don’t get me wrong, there are fathers out there who hope if not expect such things.  But I spoke to a few Dads in my world; some young, some old, with lots of kids, with one kid, kids at home or kids moved out, some with much, some with little but one common theme arose.

It wasn’t about all the stuff & gifts & things but more about being appreciated for all they do.

Sure, they want ‘stuff’ but more often then not they would rather head out and select the ‘stuff’ on their own, they just want the okay to do so.  Father’s Day was less about the stuff and more about the feeling.

Dad wants to be appreciated, respected and made to feel important.

  • I love it when my wife and kids make me the focus of the day…I feel like the king of the world.
  • I love seeing what my kid makes me at school.  I’ve got a box full of these little treasures.
  • Having my kids come visit would me is gift enough, bringing along the grand kids would be a bonus.
  • Beer, good food, time in the great outdoors, fishing, maybe even a campfire sound perfect to me and tell me what you appreciate about me as your dad.
  • No nagging, just let me sit on the couch all day and watch sports.
  • A little bit of uninterrupted ME time followed by a whole lot of family time.

fathers day lake look  fathers day lu look

So this Fathers Day let the dads or father figures in your life know how much they are appreciated.

My own Father has passed away and he wasn’t a real presence in my life but I am thankful for the Dad this guy is to our kids and thankful for the role his own dad (Papa) plays in our lives.  So this weekend we will let them know what a blessing they are!!!

To all you Dad’s out there…Thank You and…HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

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