When things don’t go quite as planned

I’ve already told you about my topless photo session, it didn’t end there…


The Call Back

Well, unfortunately I received a call back regarding my mammogram screening. There was a phone message then a letter in the mail from the BC cancer agency. There were concerns with my results and I needed ‘further testing’ including a physical exam and another topless photo session…urgh.

I was told not to worry! Easier said than done. I didn’t think I was too worried but the sleepless nights and disturbing dreams indicated that indeed I was a little worried.


The Photo Session – Take two

I arrived at the Breast Health clinic early; not because I was excited but because I was eager to get it over with. While it was a little awkward having my breasts poked and prodded by a doctor who I know through swim club. She also happens to be one of the nicest people I know and she put me at ease. After the physical exam I was sent on to Medical Imaging. Once in the gown I was led into the cold room that housed the big Mammogram machine. This machine seemed larger and was definitely much stronger as it applied so much pressure it hurt, but I bore 5 children and I wanted answers so I endured the discomfort. While standing still and holding my breath the humming computer monitor displayed the film from my initial screening and there I saw the little cloudy spots that caught their attention and aroused concern. Were they indeed cancer?


scan2 (2) scan2 (1)


The Waiting

Waiting for results is never fun…it’s one of the reasons some people oppose regular mammogram screening, because of the stress it causes. But think about the lives that are saved. If they find cancer there is a chance to remove it or slow down or stop it from growing and spreading. There are women who have died of this disease and if I would have cancer I would want to know so I could fight it.


The Results

I did not have to wait long and I received a call that afternoon giving me the clean bill of health that every woman hopes for after an experience like that. I felt so relieved and so blessed and determined to not take my health for granted.

Obviously not everyone is given such favourable results. I imagine that journey is tough, challenging, heartbreaking, tiring, frustrating, depressing…life changing. If that is your journey, I am so sorry.

If your experience is more like mine, be sure to embrace it with gratitude.