You know that feeling when you meet someone you have an instant connection with and just know you have to be together? That’s a little how we felt here at Vitala Foods when we first approached the Save on Meats team to partner with them on their awesome token program.


Save on Meats director of purchasing and sales, Brady Hughes says the partnership is key to sustaining the token program.


He says he is always trying to source locally produced, seasonal food. But it’s a balancing act when his company’s mission is to put healthy food on the table at an economical price to the customer.


“Sourcing locally generally incurs a higher cost of goods, which in turn raises menu prices,” he said.


“With our particularly wide range of demographic here at Save on Meats, we have to maintain an affordable menu. That being said, while consumer product knowledge is key, it’s lacking in BC, in my opinion. Informing the general public on the benefits of purchasing locally would be a huge win for everyone involved.”


Mark Brand’s vision for the Save on Meats business model is to feed everybody (no really, everybody). Sound familiar? Here at Vitala Foods, our mission is to bring healthy foods to the world, not just to those who can afford to pay a premium price.


That’s why our partnership with Save on Meats truly is win-win. We get to advance our mission while Mark Brand and his team get to fill a few more hungry bellies. We both know we can’t please everybody all of the time but we also know that by doing what we do, we are both making a difference.


We feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to work with this inspiring company and hope it’s the start of something beautiful.