Wrap Up Chaos!

Wow, these past few weeks were a whirlwind with the end of school and end of activities wrap up chaos! Class parties, assignments, teacher gifts, coach thank you’s, field trips, chapels, performances, celebrations, productions, shows, meets, games, playoffs, recitals…phew!

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a fuller & busier spring season.

Yet within the chaos there were so many exciting things going on from one day to the next that I hardly had a chance to savor the one event before the next one came along…and some such events deserve special mention.

Annabelle made it to provincials for Track & Field.  Impressive right!  Especially since she never even knew she could hurdle until thrown into a race at a track meet.  ‘Mom, I ran up to that first hurdle and didn’t know what to do!’ she told me later. Well, apparently she figured it out.


She also celebrated grade 8 completion and is now off to high school next year…eeekkkkk!  So of course we invited all 3 classes of grade 8 kids over for an epic party.  What a blast…and they all survived☺.

Liam was busy with year-end school assignments and all sorts of hockey…like 7 different ice times or training sessions in a week…not to mention swimming and water polo.

Violet was busy herself with productions and recitals.  She starred as little orphan Annie in the school musical and she was sensational…in my opinion☺.


That same week she had her dance recital, my little prima ballerina.

Lucy and Joe were kept busy running their siblings here, there and everywhere, finishing up kindergarten and grade 2, and spending afternoons at the pool for swim season.


Yes, it has been crazy busy but I couldn’t be prouder.

And now, the chaos has subsided, summer has begun and I hopefully get to breathe a little easier.

Ohhh no wait…I think I hear the kids fighting☺…