Younger Next Year

On Valentine’s Day Bill received a book from one of the gorgeous and smart young ladies at work.

The book was titled Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy-Until You’re 80 and Beyond by Chris Crowley & Henry S. Lodge MD.

Needless to say, with a title and tag line like that it caught our attention and it’s great she wants the boss to be strong, fit and sexy because…well, so do I.

On our recent vacation Bill and I had the chance to read the book and we both liked it.

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Although it was written for an audience of middle aged men ready for retirement, the principles and science were sound (which Bill appreciated) and the humour and stories were abundant (which I appreciated).

Basically, with humor, insight and optimism these two fellas provide sound information and practical suggestions for delaying physical and mental aging and living active and healthy later in life.  They urge readers not to use age as an excuse for slowing down but rather to fight that aging process every step of the way by keeping active.  In fact, get more active, really active.  And of course eat right; be smart about food, more fish, fruits and veggies, less sugar, cut out refined foods, limit alcohol, sleep well and volunteer your time or expertise and find ways to contribute to society.

The book is an easy read filled with science and great little success stories that leave you feeling empowered to fight the aging process.  Rather than thinking you can’t do something because you are too old, too overweight, and too busy, in too much arthritic pain…just do it.  Start slow and progress: like the man who could barely walk several hundred meters down the beach without feeling exhausted who worked up to a mile, then several miles, then no less than 5 miles a day and feels better today and weighs far less than he did when he was 10 years younger.  Or the person who was reluctant to lift weights because of arthritic pain who started off slow and found the pain decreased with the continued exercise. Aging is unavoidable but aging well is possible.

At our weekly staff huddle after returning from our vacation Bill announced to the group that he read the book and declared,

I feel younger, stronger and sexier!!!’

Everyone looked over at him to see if they SAW what he felt and I couldn’t help but comment;

‘I’m glad you ‘FEEL’ that way babe’ ☺

But all joking aside…this is a book we recommend…and I’m excited because I see they have a Women’s Edition and if Bill’s getting younger I want to too.

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