You Are What You Eat

Our Products


There is nothing quite like a glass of ice cold milk. People like to know where their food comes from and with EcoDairy Milk, you don’t need to wonder.


Start your day off right with Vitala Eggs, or as we like to call them, Natures Multivitamin.

Grass-Fed Beef

Quality and traceability are important when it comes to food. Who doesn’t want high-quality, premium cuts of locally-sourced, grass fed beef?

Meet our farmers

These farmers are not your ordinary farmers, they’re extraordinary. They have been environmentalist even before it was mainstream. Animal welfare and being good stewards of the land and resources is something these farmers are committed to. The better we treat the flocks, herds, and land the better off we all are. Happy herds and flocks are good producers and better to work alongside. Well managed fields will usually result in high yields and a bountiful harvest. If we take care of the environment, the environment takes care of us – it’s a Win-Win relationship

Visit the farm

Get your farmhand experience at EcoDairy. Experience life on the farm with a trip to EcoDairy where you can take a barn tour and explore the farm and experience the sights, sounds and smells of the farm. Feed the animals, play the AMOOzing Race, milk ‘Vicki’ the cow and enjoy hands on activities as well as seasonal activities.