These farmers are not your ordinary farmers, they’re extraordinary. They have been environmentalist even before it was mainstream. Animal welfare and being good stewards of the land and resources is something these farmers are committed to. The better we treat the flocks, herds, and land the better off we all are. Happy herds and flocks are good producers and better to work alongside. Well managed fields will usually result in high yields and a bountiful harvest. If we take care of the environment, the environment takes care of us – it’s a Win-Win relationship

Farmer Ray

Ray is our jovial farmer at the Bakerview EcoDairy Farm. He’s has been farming since he was a kid and really cares for the animals he’s looking after. When you visit the farm you might find Ray walking among the cows, taking care of the calves, helping the goat deliver her kids, chatting with the farmhands Jesse, Darwin & Pablo, ensuring the feed formulations are correct, cleaning out the barn or doing farm chores. Look for Ray on the farm, he’s the one with a hat on his head and a grin on his face.

Farmers Gertie and John Fictorie

The flocks of Vitala hens are well taken care of. They enjoy life on the farm with cage free living, space to roam, a well formulated diet, access to fresh water and nesting boxes and a farmer who does a walkabout several times a day to ensure every hen is happy and healthy. Farmer Jan ensures her hens are living their best life and laying the best eggs. We often refer to the Vitala Egg as Nature’s Multivitamin.