Visit Our Farm

Get your farmhand experience at EcoDairy

Experience life on the farm with a trip to EcoDairy where you can take a barn tour and explore the farm and experience the sights, sounds and smells of the farm. Feed the animals, play the AMOOzing Race, milk ‘Vicki’ the cow and enjoy hands on activities as well as seasonal activities.

Dairy Barn Tour

Discover what dairy farming is all about at EcoDairy. We invite you to ‘get your farm hand experience’ as you take a guided tour through our barn, meet the dairy cows, push up feed, watch the robot milk the cow, explore our Discovery Zone and maybe learn a thing or two about dairy farming.

Egg Collection Tour

Sign up today for the opportunity to participate in egg collection.  We want to put you to work and give you the opportunity to step into a farmer’s boots for a day.  Every day our flock of hens lays eggs and twice a day we collect the eggs, put them in flats and place them in the cooler.   

Grass-fed Beef Pasture

We invite you to check out our Grass Fed Beef as they graze the green pastures and they may even wander over to the fence to say hello.

Ice-cream kiosk and Farm market

Nothing says Farm Fresh like an on-site market that sells products produced right here on the farm. Natures Pickens not only stocks Vitala Foods products but a wide variety of products and local fare. During the summer season you can even visit the Ice Cream stand for a scoop of some ice cold ice cream.