Our Story

Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food

– Hippocrates

Eating local and farm fresh is not a trend; it’s a return to tradition. We grew up farming and have a passion for agriculture and health and wellness, and we wanted to share that passion with others.

Growing up on a farm, we carefully worked the land, cared for the animals, and supported the community, and after an honest day of work we gathered around a table and shared a meal enjoying the fruits of our labor and the fellowship of friends and family. We valued open & honest communication, win-win relationships, found solutions to problems and tried to make a difference in the world. Those same values drive us today.

At Vitala Foods, we want people to discover where food comes from and to make a strong connection between the farm, the farmer, and the food. We know that natural, healthy, local are important to consumers. As a trusted local food provider, we are committed to bringing products rich in nutritional value produced by local farmers using free-run and free-range practices.