Our Ecodairy

Our Story
Anaerobic Digester
  • Yes, its true: we really use cow manure to power our farm. We’ve teamed up with AVATAR Energy to create an ingenious system of renewable energy!
  • Over a 21-day period, the system takes the cows’ manure, heats it and collects the methane gas (biogas).
  • The biogas is then burned by a generator to create electricity to power buildings and equipment. It`s enough power to offset a portion of the site’s electricity and natural gas needs.
  • The system also removes any odour.
  • By-products of the system are a soft fiber which we use for the cows’ bedding and a condensed liquid organic fertilizer that can be used for crops and gardens.
Robotic Milker
  • Believe it or not, our cows milk themselves! They decide when they want to be milked – sort of like a self-serve station.
  • Our voluntary milking schedule allows our farmers time away from a stringent daily milking schedule.
  • The robotic milker also provides better hygiene through an automated process that cleans and dries the cows’ teats before milking.
  • It even cleans the floor!