5 Tips for Eating Healthy During the Holidays

I find that the holidays are the most difficult time to stick to a healthy diet. When it comes down to it, snacking between meals is where I tend to consume unhealthy calories. Having healthy snacks on hand can make it easier to say no to those sugary treats if you have something else to enjoy. Here are 5 tips for healthy snacking during the holidays.

  1. Eat dark chocolate. In small amounts. Look for dark chocolate containing 70% or more cocoa. The cocoa in dark chocolate contains healthy antioxidants, so dark chocolate provides more antioxidants than milk chocolate. So go ahead indulge! But in small amounts, as dark chocolate still contains sugar, so moderation is the key. Plus, I was recently dismayed to learn that the world is running out of chocolate, providing a further case for moderating your chocolate intake.


  1. Don’t drink your calories. Avoid sugary drinks which quickly increase your intake of empty calories. Energy provided in the form of beverages tends to trick your body into feeling less full than you would if you ate solid foods, which can cause you to consume more calories.


  1. Enjoy mandarin oranges. Those cute little oranges are loaded with vitamin C and make a great holiday treat. When you’re craving a snack, substitute a mandarin orange for a baked good.


  1. Grab a handful of mixed nuts. Nuts provide healthy fats and help lower your LDL cholesterol. Furthermore, eating a handful of nuts every day has been associated with a longer life! There’s no better time to start then the present.


  1. Offer to bring a healthy snack. Going to a party and bringing something to share? Make sure it’s something healthy so you know you have a least one healthy choice. Corn chips and guacamole are one great option, as the avocado provides heart-healthy fats. Or try this recipe for a healthy layered bean dip.