63rd Annual Lindell Beach Regatta

This past weekend we got to enjoy a great tradition up at Lindell Beach at Cultus Lake.
It is a highlight of our summer!

The community hosts a fun filled weekend for the local residents and EVERYONE gets involved in one way or another and this tradition had been going on for 63 years so it has a good old fashioned family fun feel to it.

The Regatta kicks off with the ‘Pots an Pan Parade’ at 8:00am. A ‘Pots & Pans Parade’ is just that; the kids from the community grab pots and pans from their cabin cupboards, and anything else they can bang together to make some noise.  The parade starts at one end of the community and travels up one street and down the next.
Various activities spread throughout the next two days like diving competitions and swimming races, water sports competitions, a boccie tournament, a scavenger hunt, a volleyball tournament, kids running races, sack races, a balloon toss and an adult egg toss, bubble gum blowing contest, even another full on themed ‘Wheels Parade’ on day two with floats and bikes and bands and fire trucks, as well as a community barbecue with a band playing and kids talent show. After all the events there is an awards ceremony where trophies and ribbons are handed out.


Usually the weekend ends with an impressive display of fireworks over the lake but with the current fire ban that didn’t happen this year.
It is so heartwarming how this small, sleepy community can pull off such an impressive event with everyone getting involved.
But I guess that’s why we love this place, this community has ❤️ heart and it’s great to be part of it.