A Broken Heart

If you know my Mom, you know she has a pretty big heart but apparently it is broken.

Mom is getting her heart fixed today, so when I say she has a broken heart I mean it quite literally, her heart, the organ of the human body that beats and pumps the blood, needs a pacemaker to keep it on track.

How can that be…because this woman is all heart…and I mean that figuratively.  She has a beautiful heart, a servant heart full of love and joy and peace and faith in her Jesus. She is an inspiration.

mom ccu lucy


The organ heart within her may need some work but the figurative heart within her is in great shape.

And while her broken heart gets mended my stomach is in knots while I wait to find out how things went.

Sending a whole lot of love and prayers her way! I LOVE YOU MOM!

mom me ccu