A Twist of The Wrist

It’s at times like this I really appreciate my health.
You know what I’m talking about…you find yourself with an ache or pain or break or tear and it was the result of a foolish move, a sudden turn or reach or something else far from dramatic or exciting.

For me it was a simple, quick turn of my hand and wham, pain shot up my arm as I tore my right extender hood. The pain was instant and intense but it took a while to figure out what happened.

I saw a few doctors who hadn’t a clue and dismissed it as arthritis?!?  But with the help of good friends and amazing subsequent doctors I’m sitting waiting for surgery.

Since the twist and tear which happened about a month ago my middle knuckle has been swollen, sore and unable to work properly…zipping zippers, slicing food, braiding hair, turning a knob, opening a car door, any heavy lifting or gripping has been a challenge if not impossible.

Sure, there is this surgery and recovery …but I can’t wait to have full use of my hand.
Don’t take your able bodies and good health for granted people; appreciate them, take care of them and use them!

Hopefully when I see you next I can give you a firm hand shake or high five.