A Vitala Egg’s EGGciting Journey: From Our Farm to Your Fork

Today we will look at the EGGciting journey of the VITALA egg and how it makes its way from our farm to your fork. Its quite a journey and includes the following components.


Huh?  What does that all mean?!?  Let me try to explain it.


It all begins with a well fed, well cared for free running chicken…well a whole flock of chickens who lay eggs on a daily basis.

keeping it real


These eggs are collected by the farmer and put onto flats and stored in a cooler on the farm.  A refrigerated truck picks the eggs up from the farm and delivers them to the egg grading station where a whole lot of stuff takes place.

VEJ barn eggs  VEJ barn cooler VEG forklift

VEJ GV truck


This all takes place at an egg grading station.  Our BC VITALA eggs along with a whole lot of other eggs from around here make their way to the largest grading station in BC: Golden Valley.  What a fascinating sight to see all the machines and mechanisms developed to help the process of cleaning, sorting, candling and packaging.  The washing cleans off the eggs, the sorting & candling is a way of weeding out the bad, cracked, odd or broken eggs before the ‘good’ eggs move on to the packaging process.

Golden Valley was kind enough to give our group a tour of their facility.  After signing in and suiting up we were shown the magic that takes place behind the scenes.  Our hosts were fabulous and the tour was fantastic!

VEJ tour shoes VEJ GV tour


After making it through all that, the eggs are packaged into their appropriate cartons.  Eggs from certain farms are packaged in certain cartons.  White, conventional eggs are not put into the brown, organic egg cartons.  Look, I found some VITALA eggs which will be packaged in our VITALA cartons before being shipped off to the store.

VEG V@GV VEJ V cartons


Cartons are boxed and then loaded onto refrigerated delivery trucks that make there way to the different stores where the grocers set the egg cartons out onto store shelves .  It’s incredible that in less than a week of leaving the farm they make their way to the store shelves.

VEJ NP VEJ NP basket

Talk about an EGGciting journey.

Now what should I make with these eggs!?!