After School Snack Attack


HANGRY really is a thing!  And it’s not pretty!


Hangry is when someone is angry as a result of being hungry.  I know it’s real because I often pick up ‘hangry’ kids from school and it’s not pretty.

My kids claim they are ‘starving’ after school.  They ate a hearty breakfast, they packed good lunch but as soon as they load into the vehicle after school they all ask what they can have for after school snack.

If I don’t have something at the ready they might start kicking my seat, bicker with one another or chow down on empty calories so here are some after school snack ideas we can agree on.

YOGURT SMOOTHIES – packed with yogurt, fruit, kale, spinach (and sometimes protein powder) are a welcome treat I can feel good about

VEGGIES & DIP – FRUIT & DIP the key here is to cut the veggies and /or fruit up all fancy and include a dip…if it’s all set out and ready to go they are glad to eat it but if they need to cut up

raw vs. cooked     Apples


CHEESE & CRACKERS – cheese, crackers, sausage slices…yum!

NUTS – we are nuts about nuts and a bowl of nuts goes a long way, toss in some smarties or m&m’s for added color and they love it…and since the school is nut free it’s a great snack for at home…trail mix paves the way for happy trails

trailmix (3 of 5)

CEREAL – if you are ensuring your pantry is stocked with ‘good’ cereal high in fiber and low in sugar it’s not a bad idea…especially when you top it with milk

POPCORN – always a hit…and my kids insist corn is a vegetable so it must be good for you

These are some ways to keep the ‘hungry anger’ at bay.  We’d love to hear your ideas.