Back To School

School is back in for us and as per usual at this time of year I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. A big yellow bus.

For our household it’s the challenge of switching overnight from summer vacation mode to back to school mode. No more sleeping late, no more eating breakfast in your pajamas or worrying about what’s for lunch at ten to noon, no more chilling out and taking our sweet time to prepare for the day. Now we are up, dressed, brushed, fed, packed and loaded all before 8:00am…when only just a few days ago we were rolling out of bed at that time.

My kids love school and the first day went off without too much of a hitch aside from back packs that wouldn’t zip up, a pair of pants with a hole in the crotch that needed to be worn on the first day, desks and lockers to find, teachers to meet, piles of papers to read and sign, homework to complete, home reading to do, indoor shoes that were just too tight and needed to be replaced, a lock for a locker that didn’t work, missing school supplies and a school hosted back to school barbeque in the rain (at least I didn’t have to make dinner ).

So yeah, I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus, but I know this feeling will only last a couple of days until we get into the routine, the new normal.

And then next week I’ll be a bit of an emotional wreck as I send my little Joe off to Kindergarten…he might be ready but I’m not…more on that next week.