Body, Mind, Heart & Soul

With so many competing priorities, Bill and Helinda agree, family time is precious which is why they try to eat breakfast together each morning before Bill drives the eldest four children to school. While dinner time is also important family time, evening commitments mean it’s not always possible to share a meal together.


“In the summer it’s tricky, usually we have dinner at six like clockwork but with the swimming schedule it’s closer to seven and, at night, stories, prayers, and bedtime. Our lives are very full,” Helinda says.


When it comes to instilling values of health and wellness in their children, as with parenting, both agree it’s a balancing act. Helinda says it’s all about keeping things in perspective.


“We try to be healthy and well rounded – the kids will still ask if they can have pop but they know it’s not good for them. That doesn’t mean they don’t still want it and sometimes, as a treat they can eat those kinds of foods but most of the time they’re happy to eat healthy,” she said.


“I think it’s important for kids to know that there are consequences to the way you eat. Sometimes I don’t think kids know that.”