Christmas traditions

First of all, Merry Christmas everyone!

December flew by and the 25th is only three days away now.

One of the things that makes this time of the year so magical is traditions. Almost everyone has at least one, so we asked our staff to share some of their favourite Christmas traditions and here’s what they said:

MistyMisty – Going to the Capilano Suspension Bridge to see the lights. We dress as warm as we can and adventure out to cross the bridges in the dark, count the reindeer and watch the glass blowing.  The kids make gingerbread men while we sip hot chocolate with Baileys and spending Christmas Eve at my parents’ house –and watching the craziness unfold.  We have a very large blended family, over 35 people, and “Santa” comes to bring all the kids a present. We eat way too much, play games and watch my mom scatter around the house making sure everyone is having fun.

helen2Helen – A tradition that I established (not intentionally) when my kids were young.  Every year I would buy them a book and socks. They are now in their 20’s and have come to expect it and will sometimes even make special requests. As my family has grown, son-in-law, grandchildren etc., they too receive a book and socks as part of their Christmas presents.

MalloryMallory – Every year on the 23rd after dinner my husband’s family gets milkshakes and then goes on a Christmas light drive around town, we then head back to the house and watch the movie A Christmas Story. I also love the tradition of getting a bingo scratch card in my stocking every year from my parents, I won $25 once!

LaraLara – We have two good traditions! First, on Christmas Eve my mom hides a small green glass pickle on the tree, the first person to find it on Christmas morning shouts “I got the pickle!” and gets a “pickle present” which is just an extra gift… and bragging rights. Second, each year in a stocking someone gets coal. On it it says “baddy bad bad you are the baddest person of the year” no one wants the coal but the person who receives it gives it the next year.

coleCole – A nice Christmas breakfast.

PeterPeter – I believe my favourite Christmas tradition is the part where we eat copious amounts of stuffing wrapped in thick slices of turkey meat.

helindaHelinda – In our house we love a few different traditions: Elf on the shelf, Advent calendar, Decorating the tree the first weekend in December, Re-enacting the nativity on Christmas Eve, Sinter Klaus on Dec 5., Family gatherings and gift exchanges with extended family, Christmas eve candlelight service, stockings