Christmas Wish Lists

The walls are no longer adorned with my children’s art work, the art has been replaced with their Christmas wish lists.  No dropping subtle hints on what they’d like to find under the tree and no letters to Santa, just notes, texts and even e-mails addressed to me.

Each child wrote up a list then Annabelle categorized the lists.  One list for the big ticket items…some a little pie in the sky, like a 5 year old requesting an iPhone (ha, fat chance) or my oldest two wanting a tv in their room (forget it).  The other list is for stocking stuffer ideas.  I appreciate the lists because they provide good guidance and a few ideas (but let me tell you they wont receive everything they wished for.)

One list stands out.

When I read Lucy’s list I couldn’t help but smile …either she’s cunningly clever or delightfully sweet…actually I think she’s both.  Read it for yourself.

It made me happy to read her list, now I can tick off the 5th item off her wish list.