Cold Conundrum – Part 1

Question: What can you catch but cannot throw?
Answer: A cold

…And Unfortunately this household has caught the cold and we just cant seem to recover.  There is lots of coughing, sore throats, stuffed and running noses, headaches, ear-aches, sleep deprived nights and of course some grumpiness.

While I opened this post by cracking a joke, I’ll have you know this cold is no laughing matter…at least not for me…argggg!

Whoever thought of the terms that describe a cold obviously did not have a cold at the time.  For example:
– ‘tickle in your throat’ doesn’t feel like a tickle but more like a moth caught in your throat not sure whether to come up or go down and making it dry and scratchy
-‘The Sniffles’ -now that just sounds cute but I think we should call it what it is, a snot fest.
We’ve gone through several tissue boxes in less than a week.

I’m sick of being sick so I’ve done my research on cold remedies and now it’s time to put them to the test.
Find out next week what I recommend to kick the common cold…here’s hoping something works.