Cold Conundrum – Part 2

This nasty cold remains in our household.  It’s like that annoying guest who no matter how many hints you drop, they never leave.
I promised you some solutions to the problem of the common cold.  Hmmmmm….

I believe Benjamin Franklin said it best:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
My advice is do everything you can to prevent yourself from catching a cold.
How?  Get plenty of rest, vitamin C, have a healthy diet, stay hydrated and wash your hands.

And if you do get sick, do whatever you can to feel better.

I took decongestants and wore breathing strips on my nose and even squirted some saline up my nostrils, I sucked on lozenges, rubbed menthol on my neck and chest, made lots of soup, drank lots of tea and cough syrup, had honey and lots of vitamin C, I gargled salt water and went through many boxes of tissue.

After all that I still am a wee bit congested but getting better every day.  I can’t tell you what one thing was the magic cure but can tell you that each of these measures brought some relief even if only temporarily.  The cold has run it’s course and run me down in the process but the one up-side of getting sick is a whole new appreciation for your health if or when it returns.

Good health to you…and don’t forget to wash your hands.