Cooking With Kids!

Lately as a family we really enjoy watching different shows on the food network. Among our favorites are ‘Guys Grocery Games’, ‘Master Chef’ and, the all-time favorite ‘Chopped’.
‘Chopped’ is a show where competing chefs are given a surprise basket of food that they have to combine together to prepare a dish.  within the basket there’s always some sort of wildcard food item that either doesn’t go with the dish they’re to prepare or they’ve never heard of or seen it before.
So we had the bright idea of conducting our own chopped episode at home.
For the sake of safety I did an Uncooked version.


My three chefs:
Liam – the pickiest eater around
Violet – the helpful kitchen maiden
Lucy – the sweet and spicy child determined to win.

cooking (5 of 7)

The food:
– Vitala vanilla yogurt
– fresh blueberries & blackberries
– Vector cereal
– whipped cream
– celery


The kids had fun making their snacks and presenting their special creations and telling me about them. And not surprisingly they all made a yogurt parfait of sorts.
Lucy was done first and made a very traditional yogurt parfait with celery garnish.
Violet is a lover of Ritz crackers and added them to her yoghurt parfait which added great texture.
But for the win, Liam made his and finely sliced his celery and dipped his berries in Nutella and tried to freeze them which I thought was pretty creative.
It’s fun watching the show but it was also fun re-creating the show at home. What a great way to get your kids cooking.