Cross Fit Kids

So Bill got into the whole CROSS FIT revolution (see his post) and now he has the kids on board.

Some people might think that kids in Cross Fit sounds a little extreme and have visions of our kids looking like mini body builders…that’s not the case…if you’ve seen my kids you know☺

Cross Fit Kids is offered in Abbotsford once a week and our kids are bummed if they have to miss out, they just love it.  The class incorporates games, stretches, core strengthening, challenges, skipping, balancing and it’s just plain fun.

I asked them each what they liked about Cross Fit and here is what they had to say:

Joe: ‘I like it when we play musical balls, it’s like musical chairs but instead of chairs we use those big exercise balls, it’s so fun’

Lucy: ‘I like going to the dark place. (What is the dark place?  I ask, a little concerned!) It’s when we are doing an exercise and we think we can’t do it any longer because were tired or we want to give up and we just need to keep going…we go to that dark place and persevere.’

Violet: ‘ScoJo our coach is great and I like trying all the different things…even things that seem impossible for someone my size and I like it that it helps prepare me for life and help me become strong and healthy.’

Liam:  ‘The best part is when we get to downstairs to the adult gym.’

Annabelle:  ‘Cross fit is fun and challenging and I like it when we get to go downstairs and try some of the equipment down there. I wish I could go more than just once a week.’


Yup, my whole family seems pretty keen on Cross Fit…they’ve ‘drank the cross fit kool-aid’ so to speak.  Which leaves just me…perhaps I need to give this Cross Fit thing a try…I’ll keep you posted.