December 1st – Countdown to Christmas

Hello December 1st and how are you?

It feels this year you’ve come a little too soon.

Our tree is up, that much I can say.

But I missed this first advent day.

Other than the tree there is no festive decor.

Just dust on the furniture and crumbs on the floor.

My cards are not written, my gifts are not wrapped.

And our yearly family photo has not been snapped.

So much to prepare this holiday season.

But I musn’t forget the reason for the season.

It’s about love and it’s about light.

On that very first silent night.

That is the truth of it and that is enough

I musn’t fret all the other stuff

I will fill this season with the holiday cheer

Of comfort, joy, peace & love for those far & near

With that idea in my heart I am ready after all.

Let’s do this December, time to ‘deck the halls’.

christmas helinda

Our Poet, Helinda