Earth Day 2015

Earth Day is April 22nd.

‘Just one day?’ My kids argue.

April 22nd is set aside to commemorate Earth Day: a day set aside worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

Fortunately Earth Day is often stretched into Earth Week or even Earth Month.

My kids recognize that just one day of Earth Day practices isn’t enough  to create a clean environment and increase environmental awareness. Just the other day they came up with a whole list of Earth Day  practices for everyday.

Here are some of their ideas:

* Reduce – Reuse – Recycle; every day & whatever you can

* plant a Tree

* plant a garden

* compost

* conserve water – turn off the tap

* conserve energy – turn off the lights

* Shop local to reduce carbon footprint

* Support local businesses

* Support environmentally aware businesses

* Buy what you need

* Pick up litter

* Up-cycle- take what’s old and make it new again…  make crafts or art out of recyclable or reusable items

* walk, ride or cycle rather than drive

* say no to plastic bags and bring reusable ones shopping

earthday 2015 (2 of 2)

There’s more,  I know there’s more but that’s a good start.

I appreciate how aware and informed they are in creation care and they’re determination is contagious.
Yes, I’m glad they want to keep the environment clean…I just wish they felt the same about their bedrooms.