Eating & Enjoying Brussel Sprouts

As a kid most of my family groaned when they saw and smelled the steaming bowl of Brussels sprouts on the table which usually only appeared at Thanksgiving & Christmas dinner.

Not me.  I loved those little ‘Barbie Cabbages’ and loaded up on them.

My Mom would just boil them until they were mushy, drain them and add liberal amounts of butter. Most people consider mushy Brussels sprouts over-cooked but to this day it’s still a favorite … although thinking of all the other ways I’ve tried them in recent years is making my mouth water.

Brussels sprouts are everywhere these days…raw in salads, oven roasted, baked, candied, covered in sauce or sprinkled with bacon…is anybody else suddenly feeling hungry.

Here is an irresistible recipe from Foxes Love Lemons that pairs sprouts with yogurt…yum.

Brussels sprouts are not only tasty, but they really pack a punch when it comes to nutritional value and they are full of vitamins & minerals.

I sure am thankful to Brussels for these little orbs of deliciousness!