Eggcellent Eggs

So what came first; the chicken or the egg?

That’s besides the point…we are here to talk about eggs.

Eggs are always an excellent… I mean EGGcellent idea.

Here’s why you should get cracking and make eggs a part of your day.


Eggs are good for you.  If you are not going to take my word for it check out the numerous health benefits of eggs according to Authority Nutrition.  In fact, Vitala Foods often refers to the eggs as ‘natures multivitamin’.


Breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack, dinner…you can eat eggs anytime and anywhere. Eggs have many uses in the kitchen. They can thicken, bind, leaven, glaze or garnish.

They can be center of the plate and quick to cook; soft boiled, hard boiled, fried, sunny side up, sunny side down, over easy, scrambled soft or scrambled hard, in an omelette or fritatta, baked, poached and even raw.

Or, they can blend into the background as an ingredient in baked goods, sweets and breads, buns and loaves, casseroles, sauces, glazes and desserts.

Anytime, anywhere, any way…now that’s versatile!


Eggs are a common kitchen staple all over the world and perhaps the most healthful, readily available, inexpensive, single source food item out there.

Eating eggs just makes sense and cents 🙂

So it’s time to ‘hatch a plan’ and make eggs a part of your balanced diet.

Check out it has tons of egg information, fun facts and mouth watering recipes.

Or find a Vitala Fritatta recipe here.





I’m not trying to ‘hen peck’ here,,,but as you can see…eating eggs is an EGGcellent idea.

Okay…maybe I’m starting to sound like a bird brain.

keeping it real




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