Eggnog on the Blog

Ok, it’s eggnog season and I know some people love the stuff…but I’ve avoided it.  I haven’t given it much of a chance due to its name.
Eggnog – it just sounds gross. But this year I decided to give egg nog a try.
I started safely and slowly with an egg nog latte….a little sweet but not too bad…could this be my new holiday ‘go to’ coffee drink?  I think maybe.

Next, I was going to buy a carton of eggnog at a local grocer but seeing that long list of hard to pronounce sweetening agents and ingredients I opted to make my own…fresh is best.

Looking over the ingredients listed in my recipe I realized that I quite enjoyed each…but on its own.

milk: yum
eggs: cooked please
sugar: I have a sweet tooth
nutmeg: mmmm
an optional shot of rum whiskey or rye…okay
… But putting all those ingredients into a blender…ewwwwww!
I forged ahead all for the sake of epicurean research.
And you know what I discovered…it’s not as bad as I remember it.
I’m still not a fan of the name – egg nog or the fact it contains a raw egg and is a little too sweet, thick and frothy, but…it is a bit of a cozy drink with nice flavour.

Egg Nog, you’re not as bad as I thought you’ld be…especially if I mix you with coffee and a little liqueur.

Here are a few old favorites in our house for those dark and chilly December nights.

Hot steamed milk with vanilla and topped with whipped cream – helps warm you up and get all cozy for bedtime…perfect for the kids

Hot chocolate, who doesn’t like hot chocolate (made with milk not water) topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings…maybe add a shot of coffee liqueur for the adults.

Warm mulled apple cider…the whole house will smell great.

Do you have a drink recipe I need to try?