THIS WEEK we stumbled across a great article explaining why eggs could just be the world’s most nutritious food. Being in the egg business, we didn’t need too much convincing but we thought there’s no better time to praise “nature’s multivitamin”.

Why we love them: Eggs are packed full of just about every vitamin and mineral needed by the human body. They are particularly high in nutrients such as B12, A and selenium and in the case of our Vitala and Vita D Sunshine eggs, super high in vitamin D and omega-3. They are also low in fat and only have trace amounts of cholesterol (contrary to popular belief).

How to eat them: We’re pretty sure you don’t need to many tips here – eggs are perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner – sunny side up, hard boiled, poached or scrambled. New research also says eggs for breakfast can even help you lose body fat!

When to buy them: Anytime!