End of Summer

We started out the summer with a bucket list of summer activities we hoped to enjoy.  While we checked off many of them I know I missed a few.  But that’s okay because we added a few unexpected adventures and activities like jumping off a bridge into water, rope swinging into a lake, crazy tube rides, knee-boarding, kayaking,  etc.

It has been a fun filled summer!

And now the days of summer are slowly fading away with Labor Day just around the corner.
With the current teachers strike summer might be extended which means, some people have more time to complete their summer bucket list while others might need to create a new Teacher Strike September bucket list.
Hopefully this all gets settled soon but fortunately different organizations, etc. are setting up to alleviate the burden put on families by offering activities for kids.
In fact, even here at the EcoDairy they are putting on Dairy Drop In classes for fun & learning.

Here are some simple at home ideas on how to ensure the kids are learning something while still having fun and maintaining your sanity.

Websites : Check out some educational websites and allow them some screen time on sights which help develop math and language art skills.
Workbooks : The Teachers Store in Abbotsford has a lot of great educational and fun resources.
Put Pen to Paper : Have your kids sit down and write and illustrate a book or a comic strip; give them the idea such as a favorite summer memory or have them create their own story.

I sure hope this strike business gets sorted out soon because it seems to be causing a lot of grief for a lot of people.