Fall fair

THIS LAST weekend was a full one, filled with summer activities and fall festivities and the weather kept us guessing as to which season we were in.


On Saturday morning we attended the annual Agassiz Fall Fair & Corn Festival.  It may have been a fall fair but the weather for the day was sunny and warm so I tied my hair in braids, stepped into my jean cut-offs  and plaid shirt and hit the road.  It’s become a tradition for my family to attend this small town fair over in the community of Agassiz that claims the title of ‘Corn Capital of BC’.  It may be a small town tucked between mountains but they sure know how to put on a fair complete with a morning parade, midway games and rides, pie eating contests, show barns full of livestock and pavilions filled with displays of peoples garden harvests hoping to claim the blue ribbon for biggest pumpkin, sweetest strawberries or longest carrot.  And a fair is not complete without fair food like mini donuts, cotton candy, candy apples, and the chicken and corn barbeque, and it is this BBQ meal that brings me back every year.


It was my youngest brother who introduced us to this Fall Fair & Corn Festival.  He and his family live in this quaint little community and he is in charge of the Chicken & Corn BBQ booth at this annual event with all proceeds going towards the Agassiz Agriculture and Horticulture Association.   Every year he asks me to lend a helping hand to sell these meals but believe me, these meals sell themselves.  As the people at Marco Pollo BBQ Chicken work their magic rotating the seasoned half chickens over burning hot coals, smoke billows and the smell wafts around the fairgrounds beckoning all who smell to come and sink their teeth into the best chicken EVER.  With the smell and the taste it’s no wonder they sell out of their 1200 chicken meals served with the delicious Sparks sweet and juicy local corn on the cob.  My mouth is watering just talking about it!


Truth be told it was only the first year that my brother had to convince me to help out at this fall fair, now I am hooked and I am more than happy to help him out and enjoy fun times and great food.


Do you know of any other fairs waiting to be discovered?