Farm Fresh Frittata

Looking for an easy, healthy meal to quickly throw together for breakfast, brunch, lunch OR dinner? We have the solution for you! Frittatas can be easily customized to whatever you have in the fridge, and are a great way to get some extra veggies into your diet.

A meal that takes about 15 minutes of prep (plus some time in the oven) is a definite winner. Plus, it makes great leftovers too!

Farm Fresh Frittata


– Meat of choice (I used bacon, but ham or breakfast sausage works well too)

– 3-4 eggs

– 2-3 cups veggies (I used shallots, peppers, tomatoes and spinach. Onions, mushrooms and kale all taste great as well.)

– Cheese (our very favorite is Canadian Macedonian feta, but regular feta or a nice aged cheddar taste wonderful too)

– Avocado and salsa for toppings


1. Preheat your oven on the Broil setting.

2. Dice all your ingredients. I keep some bacon in my freezer so I can use a strip or two at a time, and it’s easier and less messy to cut up when frozen.

2. Saute the meat on medium heat in an oven safe skillet until cooked.

3. Add in veggies and cook until they start to soften (3-4 minutes).

4. Whisk¬†your eggs in a small bowl and pour over veggies. Add some seasonings if desired at this point…salt, pepper, garlic, etc)

5. Cook on the stovetop until the eggs start to set.

6. Pop in the oven and cook until the eggs are completely cooked with a bit of brown on top (the crispy bits are the best!)

7. Can be served with some cut up avocado (as shown) or salsa. A side salad, some fruit or piece of toast are great accompaniments!

Serves 2.


frittata collage