Fathers’ Day (written by Annabelle Vanderkooi)

Father’s Day is less than a week away and I am always stumped as to what to get my Dad. Well, actually I’m not really stumped. I know what he wants because he keeps telling me…’do your best, mind your manners, make smart choices, listen to your mother, try your hardest, don’t give up, don’t blame others, don’t whine or complain, eat your veggies and drink your milk, think positive, believe in yourself…’ but honestly, how do you unwrap that on Father’s Day?

While I might roll my eyes at his words of wisdom I know he just wants the best for me and I love him for that. So, yes, I do my best but I still want to give him something this coming Sunday. He insists he doesn’t want the latest gadget, a new tie, golf clubs, the latest business book or a fishing rod…and besides, if he wanted something like that he’d want to be the one to pick it out.


So here are my thoughts on gifts dads can’t help but appreciate:

Coupon Book: make a coupon book of things to do with or for your Dad. It might include; 5 minute back massage, go on a bike ride, hugs and kisses, do my chores without complaining, wash the car, walk the dog etc.

Top Ten List: compile a list of the top ten reasons you think your dad is awesome!

Scrapbook: make a little scrapbook and include pictures and written words of your favorite memories and experiences with your Dad.

Create: Write a song, a poem or a book about your Dad


I’m so thankful for my Dad, for who he is and all he does for me and our family, I want him to know that so I better get busy and put together a Father’s Day gift he will treasure forever.



10 – he taught me how to mow the lawn on our ride on mower

9 – he works hard and is good with animals

8 – he is smart AND handsome

7 – he plays steamroller and tickle-monster with all of us kids

6 – he is fun

5 – he is always encouraging

4 – he makes me feel safe

3– he is willing to help me when I need it

2 – he wants the best for me

1 – he loves me

Doesn’t he sound awesome?!


Happy Father’s Day

Thanks for reading,