Fear not, our farmer has returned…

It’s been a busy couple weeks on the farm, and many of you are probably pining for a new blog post. You’re probably wondering: What did I miss? Did the farm burn down? Did Peter get fired? Why? Was he arrested for rustling cattle? Or was he abducted by terrorists? What are their demands? Why would they abduct a farmer? Is Peter really a farmer, or a spy? Who will free him? Who’s running the farm in the meantime? Will the cows accept his replacement as one of their own?


Let’s all calm down. These questions are ridiculous, where do you come up with this stuff? I am indeed still gainfully employed at the Bakerview EcoDairy, and I’m not a spy. Really.


We were busy this week preparing for the Vitala Long table event that was held here on the farm on Wednesday evening. My team worked hard to make the farm as Pinterest-able and Instagram-able as possible. We also shooed away song birds that might compete with the excellent tweets that would occur at the event.


The event itself was a huge success, and I had the privilege of leading the tour through the dairy and enjoying a full course dinner with our guests. It was great to be able to witness our guests experience our farm, answer questions, and enjoy their company.


If you get a moment check the experience on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds!