Fed Up

I found myself being educated on the hidden sugar in our food at the Lime Light theatre in old town Bellingham the other night. I went there to take in the 2014 American documentary film Fed Up. It focuses on the causes of obesity in the US, presenting evidence showing that the large quantities of sugar in processed foods are an overlooked root of the problem. There was so much good information in the film that I don’t know where to begin.

See trailer here:

The movie points a critical finger at the ‘big sugar’ or processed food corporations for the health problems that face our society today because they bombard us with advertisements, media and tactics to encourage us to consume their sugar laden products. Product messages convince us we are making the right choices selecting ‘healthier’ options with ‘fewer calories’ or half the sugar’ but we need to think twice because these claims don’t claim that the product is good for you.

We need to take our health into our own hands. Yes, media and advertising try and sell us (and our young unassuming children) on their products but we need to read labels and inform and educate ourselves on what we are putting into our bodies.

As for becoming informed and educated, this movie gets the job done ( I even want my kids to see it). It didn’t focus on laying blame but just lapped up all the information on sugar in our diets. The fact is, there is WAAAYYYYY too much sugar in our diets and that needs to change.

There are so many valuable tidbits of information in Fed Up, where the sugar is found, the different names for sugar, how our bodies digest sugars, etc. I can’t fit all the information in this post but I encourage you to view the film and see for yourselves…you might even get a little ‘Fed Up’ too!