Getting cosy

A few of us were chatting in the office this morning about how strangely glad we were that it rained all weekend.


Funny, as only a few days earlier we were lamenting the end of summer but there must have been something in all of us that yearned for a weekend of doing nothing ‘guilt-free’. The incessant rain made for perfect movie-watching, magazine-reading, tea-in-bed conditions.


It seems we weren’t the only ones having the same thought. Over at Birch and Bird this morning, Lily is pondering just how busy we have all become and recommends this great article from the New York Times. And for the record, yes Lily, we agree with you. Every weekend should be a long-weekend.


How are you feeling this Monday morning? Refreshed after a relaxing weekend indoors or frazzled after the usual flurry of weekend activity?