Getting it done

So what’s been happening on the farm lately? Besides more ‘instagrammable’ stuff like potato harvesting and goat petting, we’ve been busy doing a lot of not so interesting jobs around the site. They’re not as sexy as squash, or perky like potatoes, but still important for keeping our operation….. operating.


It’s just like running a household. Personally, I would love to only work on the highlights so I can post pictures on facebook of that cute dresser I restained like the one on Pinterest, or instagram the chickpea-quinoa-kale-passion fruit salad I had for lunch (soooooooo yummy!).  But the reality is that none of us are posting pictures of a clean toilet, the gunk you scraped out of the shower tiles, or a quick snap of the emptied vacuum cleaner bag.



But, all of this stuff happens too, and it’s often just as satisfying and important.


So prepare yourself as I ensorcell you with the equivalent:


This week we’ve been preparing for the BC monsoon that starts around this time of year. We’ve been re-grading the site and installing drainage lines and catch basins to encourage the water to head for the ditches instead of flooding out our buildings and causing a wet, muddy mess. Very little worries me more in my job than lying in bed listening to one of our wicked downpours and wondering if the water is going where we want it to go.


A huge part of that job was our favourite excavator operator Al, who offered to help sort a lot of this out. He’s been trenching like a boss, and so far we’ve sorted out all of our trouble spots. Hooray for drainage!


Some other scintillating details of this week include: repairing the barbed wire fences, cleaning out sludge from the farm diesel tank, and winterizing the irrigation system. Contain your excitement! Don’t spill your coffee!


It might not be as exciting as jumping off a cliff in a wingsuit and landing in a lake, but we take satisfaction in it, and it sure helps me sleep better knowing we sort this stuff out.