Give goats a chance

Hello everyone! Have you seen our goats? They are spectacular beasts. Some live up front on the green roof above the animal exhibit and some live out back under the cottonwood trees with their sheep cousins.

I feel it’s necessary to laud the goat in this blog post since the goat has received some negative press in Western folklore. I’d like to affirm that our goats are in no way affiliated with the forces of darkness and as such, mean you no harm. I have never seen any of our goats emulating demonic behavior or drawing pentagons in the dust with their goaty hooves.

On the contrary, our goats are noble creatures, striving for peace and goodness in the animal kingdom. The next time you visit our friends look deep into their eyes and you will be lost in an ocean of serenity and calm.

There. That clears that up.

Our goats are very fun to work with. We always enjoy taking care of them. They are very resilient creatures, especially when it comes to breeding and birthing their young. We’ve had the privilege of assisting in the births of most of our young goats (some have snuck out in the night) and it is an amazing experience to witness. The moms are pros, even when it comes to triplets. Within minutes the little ones are standing and looking for an udder to suckle.

They have great personalities and are very curious. We currently have three little kids that have figured out how to slip out under the fence and roam the park. I was mowing in the field the other day and saw a family having a picnic in the park and the three goats were lounging with the family enjoying some scratches.

The next time you come by take a moment to visit them, and give them a nice scratch right behind their horns. They like that.