Gluten free for a day

This week, our nutritionist Melinda shares some of her favourite gluten-free recipes to get you started if you are new to gluten-free living or considering giving it a try.


Going gluten free can be challenging, especially at first.  Gone are the typical wheat-filled breakfast cereals, sandwiches and pasta dishes.  It takes some time to adapt to a new way of eating, but you’ll get used to it and it will become second nature.  Here’s what a typical day on a gluten free diet looks like for me.


Breakfast: Quinoa with fruit and nuts

I stay away from gluten free cereals that have added starch and sugar.  My go to breakfast is quinoa.  I cook it just like rice: bringing the quinoa to a boil, then turning the heat to low, adding fruits like blueberries and apples then letting it simmer for about 15 minutes; the cooked flavor is reminiscent of a fruit crisp for breakfast.  I top it with cinnamon, walnuts and dried cranberries.  This will give you energy for hours. I love this breakfast so much that I packed it along for a week hiking on the west coast trail, even though the extra fuel made my backpack heavier.


Lunch: Moroccan quinoa salad

So I really do love quinoa and my lunch suggestion is a quinoa salad.  Try this great Moroccan quinoa salad:

This protein-packed vegetarian dish can be eaten as a meal or also works well as a side dish.  I like to bring it to potlucks, especially if I’m not sure if there will be many gluten free options so I know that I have something to eat.


Dinner: Pasta with a twist

You can still have pasta if you’re open to some variations.  Many stores carry gluten free pasta made from brown rice.  I also like to make my own veggie pasta noodles with zucchini.  Try the following recipe:


Snack: One-Minute Muffins

My mom introduced me to this delicious recipe.  I’m the only person in my family that eats gluten free, so she makes them just for me, to my delight! This is the perfect quick and easy snack:

The recipe can be varied by decreasing the sugar (1 tsp.) and adding raisins (1/8 cup) and cinnamon (1 tsp.).

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Image credit: Top With Cinnamon