Go Green this St Patrick’s Day

It’s always good to eat a colorful diet…and today is the one day it is easy to get the kids to eat their greens…it’s St. Patrick’s Day after all!  And St. Patrick is all about GREEN!

So we are going green with breakfast, lunch and dinner which makes Mom feel good and has the kids excited.

Breakfast will start with a green smoothie made with yogurt, berries and enough kale and spinach to turn the concoction green and perhaps a colorful omelette including green onions, peppers and whatever else.

Vitala-StyledFood-3391  crop

They can snack all day on broccoli, snap peas, kale chips, celery sticks and green apples.  And for lunch enjoy a leafy green salad topped with chicken, feta cheese, avocado, pumpkin seeds and fruit.

fetasalad (2 of 2) Boerenkool Stamppot

And dinner might include a traditional Dutch meal ‘Boerenkool Stamppot‘  from my childhood which involves mashing cooked kale in with potatoes and serving it up with some local fried sausage.My mouth is watering just thinking about all these green ideas.

If I’m really ambitious I could prepare key lime pie for dessert but I think my kids would prefer a bowl of ‘Lucky Charms’ cereal with milk to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day.

What’s your plan for St. Patrick’s Day?  Is ‘green’ on your menu?



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