Going NUTS in more ways than one.

I am ashamed to admit this but the other day I may have been a little grumpy and felt like I was going NUTS. You see, my kids were driving me a little nuts with their great creative ideas that resulted in even greater catastrophic messes and it felt that every time I regained order and tidiness in one room another room was being torn apart. ARRRGGGG! LET’S GO! I called to (yelled at) the chicklets and we went on an adventure in the great outdoors…and let me tell you, it was like therapy. Grumpy Mom disappeared as did mess making kids, now we were a family enjoying an adventure together…I wasn’t going nuts after all.   But speaking of nuts, it’s very typical when we go on such trailblazing hikes that my kids realize that they are not just hungry but STARVING and what better snack for trail blazing than protein packed nuts; trail mix. I love trail mix but not all trail mix is created equal. And not all 7 in this household enjoy the same mixes. We even have a few pickers, you know, the people that dig into the trail mix for the particular nut or chocolate they like the best.   We came up with a great solution; it’s a DIY or make your own trail mix. I purchase the ingredients in bulk; nuts, dried fruit and whatever else we want to add to our mix. This allows me to make an organic trail mix or lower the sodium by selected organic or unsalted nuts.


At home everyone gets to spoon out what they want into their jar (with mom supervising the m&m’s of course), then we put the lid on, shake it up and Voila, personalized trail mix.   Now I call that ‘going NUTS’ in a good way!