Grossly engrosed in a good book

I HAVE a confession…I really like being engrossed in a good novel .  Doesn’t sound like much of a confession but it is the person I become when I am engrossed in a good read that’s the problem.  It can be ‘gross’ :).  The story usually distracts me from my daily priorities, maybe I’ll allow my kids to watch two shows instead of just one, I might put off completing my work and miss a deadline, dinner might just be a bowl of cereal and a bag of carrots and I might even keep reading until the wee hours of the morning resulting in a poorly functioning and slightly grumpy version of myself.

What types of novels usually engross me?  Hmmm, it’s tricky, I do gravitate to historical fiction but basically I enjoy a well written book that offers a new or different perspective on things and coming away from a book feeling enlightened and changed by its contents.  So whether my book of the day is a story told from the perspective of a dog, a heart wrenching novel set in Afghanistan or a drama set in 19th century Europe, I hope I will have learned a thing or two..

Before the arrival of summer I always romanticize about all the books that I will be able to read. Not only do I need to practice some self-control when it comes to my books but I also  came up with a plan to fit the rest of the household with their own good reads.

Just last week the kids and I visited Hemingways Bookstore in downtown old Abbotsford.  The smell of books greets you when you enter the premises and one can get lost in the aisles of literature.  There is something for everyone: kids books, comic books, picture books, dramas, histories, art books, theology books, mysteries, dramas, collectables, biographies, geographies and much more.  Needless to say the crew was not disappointed and we left the store with armfuls of books and now hopefully we all will get engrossed in a good read.

Here is what we are reading.  What are you reading?