Happy Birthday Beautiful!

I have a 15-year-old in the house today?!?
I love her to bits.
I love that she made me a mom and we’re on this journey of life together and since I’m her mother I’m trying to teach her how to navigate life, but to be fair, she’s also teaching me.
She is strong and beautiful and smart and creative and athletic and witty and brave and fun and capable and has a strong sense of justice.
She rolls her eyes when I say all these things and she hates it when I call her beautiful.                             She’ll say, ‘of course you think I’m beautiful, you’re my mom’.                                                                       I explain that when I tell her she’s beautiful I’m not only thinking of the outside appearance, I’m thinking the inside because I believe true beauty shines from the inside out.
She’ll still roll her eyes at that.
But I’ll still say it.
Happy birthday Beautiful!

mexico2-crop Annabelle graffiti

Love Mom