Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentines Day: it’s not about the flowers,the jewelry, the chocolate, the gifts, the sweet treats…although they are an added bonus 🙂

Valentines Day is a special day to express love to those near and dear to us.  So… hug a friend, write a kind note for your co-worker, visit your mom, share with your friends, spend time with people you love, sit down and listen to your spouse, go for a walk with your family, surprise someone, encourage a stranger, make a special dinner for your family, call your siblings, share your time, kiss someone you love, smile lots and take time to care for yourself.

It’s all free and it will be more valued and cherished than any gift money can buy 🙂

You are lovable…we all are lovable (in some way to someone) so Valentines Day is for everyone!


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