Harvest Party

Almost every year around Halloween we host a Harvest Party.  The kids love it and are very disappointed when we miss due to a hectic fall schedule and poor planning.This year we succeeded.

What happens at a Harvest Party, you ask.  Let me tell you; costumes, pumpkin carving, food, friends and fireworks.

Everyone is invited to show up wearing a costume.  Some of our guests love it and others loath it so costumes are optional.  This year our house was full of super heroes, convicts, Star Wars characters, insects, animals, construction workers, athletes and all sorts of people from different eras and cultures.  My personal favorite were these 2 athletes from the 80’s.

harvest party athletes

We had grown a field of pumpkins so everyone selected one and carved it out…with kids ranging in age from 3 to 16 it’s amazing everyone walked away with all their fingers.

Following the carving extravaganza we gathered for a pot luck meal of fall comfort foods then sat and chatted around the fire pit or wherever else we could find room while the crowd of kids played Kick-the-Can and other games

We finished off the party with some fireworks.  They crackled, sparkeled and whizzed around while the crowd ooohhhhed and awwwwed.  We attempted to blow up a pumpkin but only managed to scare ourselves and all the local wildlife with a very load KABOOM.

Needless to say we had a BLAST!

harvest party pumpkin 2