Heading Off to High School.

annabelle smiling

Usually when people my age or younger think about high school they think of some big scary place that they never want to go. But honestly I’m pretty excited for high school! I think that the biggest worry for everyone is all those big kids and being the youngest at the school in grade 9, it’s like you’re in kindergarten again. Everyone looking down on you…okay well that’s not really a problem for me if you know what I mean…I’m pretty tall…but still, you’re the little kids so you’re thought of as an easy target. Yet one of the big positives is of course having the tall/full lockers and it’s like a fresh start.

I put together a short list of some positives and negatives I forsee with heading off to highschool.

Negatives according to me:

  1. Youngest (as I said)
  2. Not knowing where stuff is…I might get lost
  3. Earlier start time (I love sleeping in) and longer blocks (which isn’t bad if you like the subject)

Positives of high school for me:

  1. Tall lockers (again, as I said)
  2. Different dress code, I can wear my ripped jeans
  3. Electives like art, cooking, drama and tech ed
  4. Electronics in class (iPhone, laptop, etc.)
  5. New teachers (not that I didn’t like my old ones) old and new friends and new opportunities.

So as you can see I feel there are more positives than negatives.I think that high school is going to be great. And I really don’t have much to be afraid of cause although I may be the youngest I’m definitely not shortest.

I’ll let you know how it goes…if I survive?!?Annabelle High School